NUREX Mission

We will continue to promote our business,
which constantly creates new value and results while responding to the changing times and customer lifestyles,
from three key approaches: nutrition, rest, and exercise.



    Considering the current state of ingredients, living environment, and lack of nutrients in terms of diet, we will provide new solutions from the nutritional aspect that is important for the person.

  • REST

    It is important to rest your mind and body. We will take various approaches in the field of rest while relieving stress such as sleep and relaxation.


    All the muscles and tissues of the body are important for moving the body. It is enhanced and maintained through daily exercise. From athletes to age-appropriate senior exercise programs, we will advance exercise in situations where it suits our purpose.


Contributing to People of All Ages

We are committed to contributing to society through our business to add value to the lives of all generations.


Achieving the Ideal Lifestyle

Our mission is to create the ideal lifestyle and environment because diet, exercise, and rest are so important.


We provide businesses, products and services,
and nurture relationships of trust with all stakeholders, while being a company that enjoys changing times and common sense.



Message from the President

To an organization that increases business demand.

In the social environment that has changed significantly over the last ten years, various needs are constantly emerging. These needs have been subdivided, and the businesses required by companies in this market have changed dramatically. Through Nurex's business, we will accurately identify the "essential needs" to bridge the gap between ideals and reality and develop our business. We will continue to grow in order to increase the demand for our brands, products, and businesses and to continue as a company of existential value.

CEO M.Sato