Sports Nutrition for Body Building
Support plans for athletes and teams.



Recognizing Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition Seminar for Athletes

Athletes are different from ordinary people in that they require more nutrients, and their diet also needs "quality" and "quantity" as well as appropriate "timing". We will propose measures based on sports nutrition science using Meiji Savas and VAAM for nutrients and necessary amounts that are difficult to cover depending on the daily diet, living environment, and purpose.


Sports Nutrition for Sleet.
There is a know-how of nutritional intake for different purposes.

Proper diet and nutrition are essential for athletes to maximize their performance. We will provide the know-how and information for this purpose.


Balance of Training + Nutrition + Rest

In order to build a winning body, the results of daily training must be demonstrated in performance. To achieve this, it is important to take sufficient rest to maintain the condition of the body and to consume sufficient nutrition to provide the basic materials for the body.


For goal-oriented sportspeople
Nutritional Support with SAVAS and VAAM

Based on sports nutrition utilizing SAVAS/VAAM, we will propose supplementation appropriate for the competition and the season.




Athlete & Team Support

We implement the SAVAS Sports Nutrition Support System for junior, high school, college, adult, and professional athletes and teams.

Further support is important to help the sportsperson achieve his or her goals.


Individual counseling

Counseling is provided on issues related to body building, solutions to injury resistance, and dietary measures to enhance performance, and appropriate dietary guidance is provided to improve the body.


Nutrition Research Systems

A dietary survey to identify excess or deficient nutrients in the diet of athletes. We will propose a nutrition plan that needs to be improved based on the diet menu. We provide consulting services to ensure that the athlete's nutritional intake is specific and that any deficiencies are covered by SAVAS/VAAM.


Teams by the Numbers / Team Leadership Results

Professional staff support athletes and teams from all over the country who are engaged in full-scale competition from junior high schools, high schools, universities, working adults, and professionals.


Support Team

Athletic Organizations

National High School Track & Field Camp / Hokkaido Tohoku Junior Track & Field Camp / Kanto Junior Track & Field Camp / Kanto Junior High School Track & Field Camp / Kinki Tokai Junior Track & Field Camp / Kyushu Junior Track & Field Camp / Tochigi Junior Swimming Camp / Kanagawa Swimming Camp / Kanagawa Volleyball Association / Nagano Basketball Association / Shimane Physical Education Leaders / Matsue City Sports Association And many others.

Professional competition teams

Kintetsu Rugby Club / Cerezo Osaka / Vegalta Sendai, and many others


Chukyo University (Track and Field Club) / Kinki University (Basketball Club) / Tokyo University of Agriculture (Track and Field Club) / Tokyo University of Agriculture (Soccer Club) / International Budo University (Track and Field Club) / Osaka University of Commerce (Basketball Club) / Kochi University (Soccer Club) / Asia University (Ekiden Club) / Gifu Keizai University (Track and Field Club) and many others

High School

Osaka University of Commerce High School (Basketball Club) / Eimei High School Kanazawa Sogo High School (Women's Basketball Club) / Keio High School (Hardball Club) / Toin Gakuen High School (Soccer Club) / Urawa Higashi High School (Soccer Club) / Gyosei High School (Soccer Club) / Tenri High School (Baseball Club) / Toho High School (Baseball Club) / Semi High School Nara Ikuei High School (Track & Field Club) and many others



Sports Nutrition Advisory Partnership

For the next generation of athletes, why don't we support the teams and athletes together by utilizing the know-how of the Meiji Sports Nutrition System with the workers who provide training and technical guidance on a daily basis?


Athlete Menu Recipe Proposal

For those who provide meals to athletes, our culinary experts will propose cooking and recipes for food, desserts, drinks, etc., according to foods and ingredients. We will also develop menus for athletes who have many likes and dislikes.   

*A new service that proposes new athlete diets and ways to utilize SAVAS, assigning venues and experts according to the date, time, and number of participants.