Carnitine & CLA Burning Plus

Carnitine & CLA Burning plus is a combination of pharmaceutical-grade Lonza’s L-carnitine and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) with added hiatus extract. Furthermore, it is a supplement with added vitamins that support the work of energy production. Contains ingredients necessary for the body to metabolize fat for energy. 5 capsules contain 500mg of L-carnitine, 700mg of CLA, 30mg of hiatus extract, 1.2mg of vitamin B1, 1.2mg of vitamin B2, and 5.0mg of pantothenic acid.

Product Contents

Capacity Standard 610mg x 150 tablets (91.5g)/ Standard 610mg x 300 tablets (180g)
Ingredient name Fats and oils containing conjugated linoleic acid (manufactured in Japan), L-carnitine tartrate, edible fats and oils, hiatus extract powder/ gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, caramel pigment, extracted vitamin E, vegetable lecithin (derived from soybeans), calcium pantothenate, Bisbentiamine, Vitamin B2, Haematococcus algae pigment
Nutrition Facts Label ●5 tablets/ 3.05g Energy 17.84kcal Protein 1.06g Lipid 1.20g Carbohydrate 0.71g Salt equivalent 0.0009g V.B1 1.2mg V.B2 1.2mg Pantothenic acid 5.0mg L-carnitine 500mg CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) 700mg Hihatsu extract powder 30mg
Method of intake Take 5 tablets daily with water.