Heme Iron & Copper

“Heme Iron & Copper” is based on highly absorbent heme iron (estimated to absorb up to 30 times as much as inorganic iron), which helps absorb iron and helps the body work together (using copper-containing yeast) and adds mineral absorption promoter CPP (casein phosphopeptide). This product contains 5.0 mg of iron, 0.50 mg of copper, and 10 mg of casein phosphopeptide (CPP) in two grains. Iron is a component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the body. It is recommended to take supplements as the nutrients are not well absorbed by the body.

Product Contents

Capacity Standard 300mg x 180 tablets (54g)
Ingredient name Dextrin, edible yeast (copper-containing), CPP (casein phosphopeptide) (contains milk components)/ heme iron (from pigs), crystalline cellulose, sucrose fatty acid ester, fine silicon dioxide, shellac, glycerin fatty acid ester
Nutrition Facts Label ●Product 2 tablets per 600 mg Energy 2.38kcal Protein 0.23g Lipid 0.04g Carbohydrate 0.28g Salt equivalent 0.001g Iron 5.0mg Copper 0.50mg
Method of intake Take 2 tablets daily with water.