Soy Protein Habit + MCT

It is said that when you get older, your appetite decreases and you tend to have low nutrition. Soy protein is a powder-type food that combines nutritious soy protein with MCT (medium chain fatty acid), which is effective as an energy source, just by adding it to the diet easily by the elderly and those with anorexia. Powdered food supplements 5g of protein and 1.4g of MCT out of 7g of this product by simply mixing it with regular coffee, black tea, tea, water, miso soup, curry, and yogurt.

Product Contents

Capacity Standard 260g
Ingredient name Soy protein, medium chain fatty acid (MCT)/ citric acid
Nutrition Facts Label ●Per 7g of product Energy 31.08kcal Protein 5.04g Lipid 1.15g Carbohydrate 0.15g Salt equivalent 0.284g Medium chain fatty acid 1.4g
Method of intake Dissolve 7g per serving in your favorite drink or dish and enjoy.