Zenbi Soy Protein

The Zenbi series is a soy protein that assists in the balance of meals based on the five elements of yin and yang in order to improve immunity with a proper diet, maintain body shape even with age, and support beauty and health. Under the supervision of Dr. Fumie Nakajima, representative of the cavity, the product was designed with the aim of balancing the three major elements of beauty and health: exercise, rest, and nutrition, with the optimal balance of nutrition and ingredients. I’m here. A soy protein series that pursues a flavor that is easy to consume even during exercise and is easy to drink. Acai and 3 kinds of berry flavors.Grapefruit and lemon flavor (new flavor).

Product Contents

Capacity 360g
Ingredient name (Acai & Berry) Soy protein (domestically produced), reduced maltose starch syrup, cranberry juice powder (cranberry juice, maltodextrin), fruit juice powder (sugar, concentrated strawberry juice, dextrin), acai extract powder, iron-containing yeast, bilberry extract powder, sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder ( milk ingredients), concentrated black vinegar powder (rice black vinegar powder, brown rice extract powder), ginger extract (ginger, maltodextrin), seaweed extract, medium chain fatty acid oil/citric acid, fragrance, tricalcium phosphate, sweeteners (neotame, sucralose), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, monascus pigment, modified starch, vitamin B12 (Grapefruit & Lemon) Soy protein (manufactured in Japan), reduced maltose starch syrup, fruit juice powder (grapefruit juice concentrate, dextrin), fruit juice powder (dextrin, lemon juice concentrate), iron-containing yeast, sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder (contains milk components), concentrated black vinegar powder ( rice black vinegar powder, brown rice extract powder), ginger extract powder (ginger, maltodextrin), seaweed extract, medium-chain fatty acid oil/citric acid, fragrance (derived from milk), tricalcium phosphate, sweetener (neotame, sucralose), vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, thickener (xanthan) (contains soy), modified starch, vitamin B12
Nutrition Facts Label (Acai & Berry) ●12g per meal Energy 47.04kcal Protein 5.16g Lipid 0.38g Carbohydrate 5.74g Salt equivalent 0.16g Vitamin B1 1.10mg Vitamin B2 1.2mg Vitamin B6 0.9mg Vitamin B12 2.0μg Iron 4mg Lactic acid bacteria 10 billion Black vinegar powder 1.4mg Ginger extract powder 1.4mg Seaweed Extract 1.4mg Medium chain fatty acid 0.9mg Citric acid 2,000mg (Grapefruit & Lemon) ● 12g per meal Energy 47.04kcal, protein 5.23g, fat 0.36g, carbohydrate 5.71g, salt equivalent 0.22g, vitamin B1 1.10mg, vitamin B2 1.2mg, vitamin B6 0.9mg, vitamin B12 2.0μg, iron 4mg, lactic acid bacteria 10 billion pcs, black vinegar powder 1.4mg, ginger extract powder 1.4mg, seaweed extract 1.4mg, medium chain fatty acid 0.9mg, citric acid 2,000mg
Method of intake Dissolve 12g per serving in water, soy milk, milk, etc., and enjoy.