Elemental Dissociation Water

Dissociated water refers to the formation of water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen atoms (H+) and OH- ions. Only dissociated hydrogen atoms (H+) penetrate the cell immediately in one second. In the element dissociation water, water itself is dissociated into hydrogen atoms (H+) in advance by using patent technology*, so dissociation work in the small intestine is not required and reaches the cell in just one second. Get plenty of moisture to your cells quickly. *Patent No. 4929430

Product Contents

Capacity 500ml
Ingredient name Water (spring water)
Nutrition Facts Label Energy 0kcal, protein 0g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 0g, salt equivalent 0g, calcium 0.73mg, magnesium 0.27mg, potassium 0.10mg, Ph value 8.4, hardness 29mg (soft water)